Fridge and Freezer Bags

When it comes to making life easy in the kitchen, fridge and freezer bags are right at the top of the list of handy and practical food storage options.

Whatever leftovers you’ve got and whatever ingredients you have at hand, dropping them into a food bag and slinging it into the fridge or freezer is a fast and easy way to deal with your food. Vacuum food bags can also keep food fresh and safe to eat for longer, which means food bags aren’t just convenient, but they can also make sure you and your family stay healthy too.

Fridge and freezer bags for all uses

You’ll find a wonderful array of food bags available at Lakeland, offered in a variety of sizes, materials and designs – from multi-use food bags to sandwich bags and soup bags.

We’ve got small reusable food bags that are perfect for snacks and bags for sealing sandwiches. You’ll find cotton mesh bags designed for storing fruit and veg, and freezer bags for soups and sauces. Our larger bags can even be used to store bulky items, like pasta and cereal.

Whatever you’re looking to store, we’ve got the right food bag for you.

Foodsaver bags to keep food fresh and safe

Sealable fridge and freezer bags can keep food fresh and tasty for longer. Importantly, fridge storage bags can also make sure food doesn’t become contaminated and remains safe to eat.

And when it comes to sealable food bags at Lakeland, you’ve got plenty of choice. You’ll find self-sealing bags, press-seal bags and food bags with zips. We also have a range of labels, clips and ties that can be used with our food bags too.

Eco-friendly fridge and freezer bags

Disposable food bags are a source of single-use plastic, and whilst convenient they’re not kind on the environment. But with our help, you can find greener alternatives for your kitchen.

Durable kitchen bags can be re-used time and again, like the press-seal reusable freezer bags from Russbe. You’ll also find biodegradable food bags, made from fully biodegradable materials that are free from microplastics, like food and freezer bags from Biobag.

We only source effective products at Lakeland, so you can rely on our more ecologically friendly alternatives to perform just as well as regular food bags. Which means that you don’t have to compromise on performance to be kinder to the environment.

Microwave and dishwasher safe food bags

For even greater convenience, many of our fridge and freezer storage bags are microwave and dishwasher safe. You can take food directly from the fridge or freezer and heat it in the microwave, for quick and simple cooking. Once you’re done, you can drop your reusable food bag straight into the dishwasher, for even faster clean up.

Whether you’re storing meal prep ingredients or leftover food, dividing food into smaller portions or protecting ingredients from freezer burn, we’re confident we’ve got the fridge and freezer bags you’re looking for. And whilst you’re looking for food bags you might also like to review our other food storage options, like our larger containers for bulkier food or our jars and bottles that are perfect for preserves and other homemade food.