Tefal Cheese Preserver Standard

Tefal Cheese Preserver Standard

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Tefal Cheese Preserver Replacement Filters

Tefal Cheese Preserver Replacement Filters

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Foodsaver® - Replacement Rolls (28cm X 550cm)

Foodsaver® - Replacement Rolls (28cm X 550cm)

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FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer Plus 10 Bags and 1.2L Box

FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer Plus 10 Bags and 1.2L Box

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Food Preservers and Savers

How are you storing your food? Chucking it in the fridge and hoping for the best? Or are you ready to get organised in the kitchen? Good food preservers and savers can help ensure food stays fresh and safe to eat for longer. But more than that, food preservers and savers can keep your kitchen organised by helping you store your ingredients, prepared food and leftovers.

With our huge range of food savers, we’re confident we’ve got the freezer containers, cheese boxes, potato bags and vacuum food bags for you.

Keep food fresh, tasty and safe

We’re sure you’ve experienced the frustration of pulling out that meat from the back of the fridge you saved last week, only to find it’s gone off. Same with that Greek yoghurt you hadn’t finished yet, or that half avocado you were convinced was still good but is now mushy.

Food preservers and savers can make this a thing of the past. They can keep food fresh and available to use for longer. Importantly, airtight and vacuum-packed food storage boxes and bags can make sure food is kept free from germs and stays safe to eat for you and your family.

Keep your kitchen organised

Food preservers and savers aren’t just about keeping food fresh and safe. They’re also a great way to store food to keep your kitchen organised.

Whether you’ve got leftover food from a meal or takeaway, you’re storing loose ingredients, or you’ve prepared meals in advance, we’ve got all your essential storage options. Our collection of stackable tubs, freezer storage containers and food vacuum sealer bags can keep your fridge and freezer well-ordered and clutter free.

Preservers and savers for all types of food

Our wide range of food preservers and savers are suitable for storing everything you’ve got in your kitchen. We’re talking sealable boxes in a range of sizes, cheese boxes, quiche and cake containers, banana trees and holders, and silicon pods for storing individual pieces of fruit and veg.

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly solutions, lots of our products are made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, like our reusable and compostable food wraps.

Preserving bags to keep food tidy and fresh

Food bags are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to store food. And with our selection of fridge and freezer bags, we’re sure to have the right food bags for you.

Our range of preserving bags cover a selection of food vacuum bags, zip top reusable silicone containers, net fruit and vegetable bags, zipper bags, and larger front opening bags suitable for potatoes and loose veg like onions.

Vacuum packing for maximum freshness

To make sure your food stays as fresh and safe for as long as it can, you need to vacuum pack it. Vacuum packing removes as much air from around your food as possible. It seals it from outside contaminants, like bacteria and mould, keeping it good to eat for longer.

As well as a selection of vacuum food bags, our vacuum packing range includes vacuum sealing kits to make sure you can seal whatever food you want to preserve, from fresh fruit to last Friday’s takeaway pizza.

At Lakeland you’ll find food preservers and savers for all types of food. Our fridge food storage containers and freezer containers can help keep your meals safe and fresh, whilst helping you keep your kitchen tidy and organised too.