Lakeland Strong Foil Wrapmaster Refill 30cm x 20m

Lakeland Strong Foil Wrapmaster Refill 30cm x 20m

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Wrapmaster Foil and Cling Dispenser

Wrapmaster Foil and Cling Dispenser

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Lakeland Strong Kitchen Foil in Dispenser 30cm x 50m

Lakeland Strong Kitchen Foil in Dispenser 30cm x 50m

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Kitchen Foil & Foil Food Containers

If you’ve overcooked and need to store your leftovers or you’ve premade food that needs to be taken to another venue, foil and foil food containers are a great solution. From foil dishes and trays to foil containers with lids, our cupboards at Lakeland are packed with plenty of foil-based options for all types of food storage.

Foil with plenty of uses

Kitchen foil is a great solution for covering your food and wrapping up leftovers to enjoy fresh later. But that’s not the only way foil can come in handy in your kitchen. Ideal for using underneath food on baking trays, foil is perfect to collect drips and spills and prevent that deep clean required when food bakes onto the surface of your oven trays.

You can also find our wide range of oven liners that do a similar job as foil in your oven but are easy to wipe clean, ready to be used time and time again. Foil can also be used during cooking. Simply wrap it around your meats to lock in moisture and keep your roasts juicy and succulent. Yum!

Foil food containers

Great for cooking without the clean-up, you’ll also find plenty of options when it comes to foil dishes and foil trays at Lakeland. These individual foil plates and dishes are great for storage and the foil outer means they can go from the freezer straight into the oven, so it’s the perfect solution for batch cooking. Now you can cook, freeze and reheat all in the same container and make day-to-day dinnertime easier than ever.

Our foil pie dishes are perfect for single-portion pies and bakes, meaning it’s easy to create those home-cooked treats and freeze them too. Using foil is also a great recyclable way to store your food as it can simply be wiped clean and thrown away into your foil-friendly recycling bin.

Foil trays

Foil trays are a wonderful alternative to traditional baking trays and can also be used for transporting foods from one location to another. Whether you’re getting ready for a bake sale or heading to a friend’s house for a potluck dinner, you can carry and transport your goodies on a foil tray and use classic kitchen foil to cover and protect.

You can always stick to traditional baking trays

If you want to stick to traditional baking trays to prepare your food, no problem! The Lakeland range is packed with high-quality baking trays and plenty of other bakeware so you can find everything you need. Head to our roasting collection to find a range of sizes and shapes for all types of cooking and foods.

Foil is a great way to save and preserve your food for later and the Lakeland range features so many options for all types of food. So, whether you’re stocking up the fridge or taking food over to a friend, discover all the foil solutions you need. If you want something a little more permanent to hold and store your food, head to our food containers collection where you can find high-quality airtight containers for everything from coffee and cereal to sandwiches and full blown meals.