Covermate 12 Assorted Elasticated Food Covers – S M L and XL

Covermate 12 Assorted Elasticated Food Covers – S M L and XL

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Covermate 8 Assorted Elasticated Food Covers – S M and L

Covermate 8 Assorted Elasticated Food Covers – S M and L

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Cling Film

Cling film is one of those wonder products we all too often take for granted. It’s strong but easy to tear, and it’s simple but incredibly versatile. You can wrap cling film around pretty much any food and you can use it to seal packaging or line fridge shelves. You can even cover opened bottles of wine and champagne.

You can sling cling film in the fridge, in the freezer and even in the microwave. Talk about a versatile product! And at Lakeland, you’ll find cling film, cling wraps and cling film holders for all your kitchen needs.

How does cling film work?

There’s much more to cling film than just a sheet of thin plastic. As cling film is unwrapped, areas of the film become statically charged. This means that cling film can stick firmly to itself, creating an airtight seal around whatever it’s holding. The seal is snug, but easy enough to break, meaning you can easily re-open and close cling film again.

Because cling film is watertight and airtight, it protects whatever it holds from germs, water vapour and oxygen damage, and retains flavour and aroma. It’s therefore an ideal way to keep food fresh and flavourful as well as safe to eat. Because it traps in odour, cling film is perfectly suited to storing more pungent foods, like strong French cheeses, making sure your fridge and kitchen stays fresh smelling too.

See, we told you there’s much more to cling film than meets the eye. It’s actually a bit of a wonder kitchen product.

Only the finest quality cling film will do

We pride ourselves at Lakeland in selecting only the products that meet our strict performance standards. That’s as true for our cling films as it is for any other products in our range.

The cling film available at Lakeland won’t stretch and break as you unroll it, as lower-quality thin cling film can. Our cling film will hold its shape as you put it to use, even after multiple unwraps and wraps. It’s strong and stretchy, but easy to tear. And it’s super versatile – you can freeze and microwave our cling film and it’ll still cling to whatever you’ve wrapped it around.

Cling film for all your kitchen needs

You’ll find a range of high-quality cling films available at Lakeland. We’ve got cling film in a selection of sizes, including bumper sized rolls like our 50 metre cling film, 100 metre cling film and even 300 metre cling film.

We’ve got ready-to-tear cling film, perforated microwave cling film, and elasticated food covers. We’ve even got compostable cling film that’s fully biodegradable so you can dispose of it with full peace of mind.

Many of our cling films and cling foils can be bought as refills to be used in our Wrapmaster Dispenser and our Compact Cling Film Dispensers too, to help reduce your kitchen waste.

Our cling films really are wonder products. They’re durable, versatile, and a fantastic way to store all kinds of food in place of bulkier fridge and freezer containers. These cling films will help you keep food crisp and fresh, lock in smells and protect against germs, plus they can be frozen and microwaved safely.

Whilst you’re browsing our selection of cling films, cling wraps and cling film holders, take a look at our range of food containers, food preservers and savers, and our eco-friendly food storage solutions too.