4 Ball Wide Mouth Fruit Design Mason Preserving Jars 945ml

4 Ball Wide Mouth Fruit Design Mason Preserving Jars 945ml

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4 Ball Regular Mouth Mason Preserving Jars  945ml

4 Ball Regular Mouth Mason Preserving Jars 945ml

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Storage jars, canisters & tins

We’ve all been there: grabbing a can from the back of the cupboard to reveal a half-eaten packet of biscuits or cream crackers that you assumed you must have finished a month ago. And now, sadly, they’re stale - just when you were in the mood for a snack, too. If only you’d invested in a biscuit barrel, so you could keep track of your snacks…

Better late than never, we say. With our wide range of biscuit barrels, there’s no need for your biscuits to end up in the bin - or any of your perishables, in fact, because we’ve got glass storage jars, canisters and even cream cracker storage all under one roof, so you can keep your favourite foods fresher for longer.

Take the biscuit

Nothing beats a biscuit (or three) with a cup of tea. Store your sweet treats in a biscuit barrel and you won’t have to worry about losing them in cramped cupboards or discover bits of broken biscuit everywhere when it’s time for a clear-out. To keep your biscuits fresh - especially if you’ve baked them yourself - invest in an airtight biscuit tin. OXO GoodGrips has just the thing: with a push-button open and close feature, OXO’s 2.8 litre cookie jar has an airtight silicone seal, and it’s tilted for easy access. It’s also built to last with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Drink to that

Just like food, dried drinks products like teabags and coffee can soon lose their flavour if they’re not stored properly. Coffee and tea canisters protect their contents from going stale - and they can look super stylish on your countertop, too. Choose from a wide selection of tea and coffee storage solutions, including our Lakeland line of attractive glass storage jars with bamboo lids, and steel tea canisters from top brands like Typhoon, to pick out the perfect tea and coffee storage containers to suit you.

Supersized soup

Homemade soup makes for a quick and easy lunch but it’s easy to overestimate when it comes to quantities. Whether you’ve accidentally made a few extra portions or blended a big batch to eat throughout the week, just pick up soup container like a freezer storage canister and save what you won’t use now by freezing it for later. Only made an extra single serving? There’s no need for it to go to waste. Pop the portion into Kilner’s Soup Jar and Spoon set and take it into the office for a super-speedy lunch the following day.

Store more

From spaghetti to cereal, storage jars can help you organise your food cupboard or pantry so that everything’s easier to find. Storing food properly keeps it fresher for longer, giving you better value for money by cutting back on waste. We’ve got storage solutions in different shapes and sizes, including spaghetti storage jars, dispensers, cream cracker storage, flour tins and even scoops to make getting down to the bottom of bigger containers a breeze.