ZeroWater Replacement Water Filters - Pack of 2

ZeroWater Replacement Water Filters - Pack of 2

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Picnicware & Barware for Dining & Entertaining

Whether you’re having friends over for an intimate dinner or the whole family for an outdoor picnic in the garden, if you love to entertain, you’re in the right spot. This Lakeland range is all about bringing you the best picnicware and barware options for events of all sizes and styles.

So, from simple lunch boxes perfect for the kids to beautiful glassware for the adults, you’ll find everything you need to make your occasion as special as you like. Alongside our famous Lakeland products, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of brands like Robert Welch, SodaStream and Aarke too.

Outdoor dining essentials

Are you planning a casual lunch at the park with the kids? Or do you have a more formal dinner planned with friends that you’re going to host al fresco in the garden? Whatever the occasion, you’ll need all the outdoor dining essentials to make it a hit with your guests.

Start with simple lunch boxes and sandwich boxes for the kids alongside straws and all the rest of your classic picnicware, including food bags and ice packs. We’ve also got stunning outdoor dinner plates and serving cutlery alongside a wide range of glasses for more formal settings.

Barware & drinks

Food is usually the key focus when it comes to dining and entertaining, but what about the drinks? The drinks can make or break an event, so if you’re planning a get-together, you’ll want to get them just right.

Begin with your essentials, like straws and ice trays. And we’ve also added in some fun extras, such as the incredible sparkling water maker from SodaStream that allows you to quickly create fizzy drinks from tap water. If you ask us, it’s the perfect addition to pair with our fantastic range of glassware.

Don’t forget tableware and cutlery

It’s the little things that count, right? So, when it comes to dining and entertaining, don’t forget about the cutlery essentials and tableware extras that make all the difference.

From plates and dishes to beautiful oil and vinegar sets, Lakeland is the place to get your tableware just right.

Hosting a party? No problem

When you’re hosting a party, you have to really test your entertaining skills. From casual BBQs to formal cocktail hours at home, the perfect party is made up of the little details.

While you’ll want to stock up on the essentials like straws and ice cube trays, our partyware collection can also help you out with a few things you might not have thought of. Think scented candles, napkins, party bunting and even party lighting. At Lakeland, we can help with it all.

We love helping you to throw the very best occasions and events at home. And that’s what this collection is all about. From a simple food cover or ice cube tray to the high-end pieces of glassware that help to create a formal dinner setting, this is where you’ll find everything you need to host like a pro.

And if you want food and drink essentials for your event, remember that you can find what you need here at Lakeland too.