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Outdoor entertaining & Picnics

There’s nothing better than a day trip into the great outdoors, especially if you’ve planned a picnic, a seaside barbecue, or an alfresco meal with friends and family! Whether you’re planning to head for a day on the beach with your family, to climb a big hill and eat while looking at the view, or just to eat your workday lunch in the nearest park, we have all the picnic accessories you could possibly need.

With a little careful planning the meal is sure to go with a swing – leaving memories that will be treasured by everyone who’s lucky enough to have been invited… So check out our water bottles, sandwich boxes, reusable food bags and picnic cutlery as well as lunch boxes, cool bags, freezer blocks and more.

And if you’re planning to eat outdoors in style at the races or at Proms in the Park, you might just need our beautiful faux crystal plastic glasses, wine bottle holders and paper napkins too.