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Crystal-Look Acrylic Flutes – Set of 4

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Crystal-Look Acrylic Tumblers – Set of 4

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Plastic Glasses and Glassware

Summer and drinks go hand in hand, so what better way to keep cool in the hot sun or enjoy an evening on the patio than with a refreshing beverage. But watch out – that glass might get broken, and what a mess it will make. How much better to quaff from something that looks like it’s real glass, but is in fact made from plastic?

Take our Crystal-Look Acrylic Range – it’s not until you pick up one of these beautifully realistic ‘glasses’ that you’ll realise it’s actually made from outdoor-friendly, shatter-resistant acrylic in the style of real crystal. Much nicer to drink from than plain old plastic cups, make sure your family and friends enjoy their drinks in style too with our crystal-look bundle sets of tumblers, flutes and wine glasses.

When you set your outdoor table, our party-proof plastic wine goblets, flutes and jug, made from super-tough Tritan, will also look just as good as the real thing, without the risk of breakages. Cocktails and after-dinner drinks supped at sunset from these look-like-the-real-thing plastic tumblers make a much more sophisticated alternative to the usual brightly coloured plastic cups. Plus we have lots of inspiring drinks ideas and cocktail-making accessories.