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Melamine Tableware

Relax and enjoy dining alfresco without worrying about whether your bowls and plates are going to make it back home (or back from the garden!) in one piece. Our high quality Summer Blooms melamine tableware and picnic sets are perfect for stylish outdoor entertaining, caravanning and camping. Beautifully designed and virtually unbreakable, our melamine bowls, plates and platters are really lightweight, yet resistant to stains, scratches and chips, making them ideal for picnics.

Melamine is an incredibly hardwearing alternative to porcelain, but what makes our melamine plates and bowls different is the super-strong liquid glass coating, which not only makes them even sturdier than other melamine, but gives them the appearance of real pottery. Indeed, many of our customers are surprised when they pick up these pieces expecting them to be china! We’ve also put together a melamine dinner set, which will give you that real dinner service feeling.

If you’re shopping for outdoor tableware, why not take a look at our other ranges too? There’s our eco-friendly bamboo range for planet-friendly picnics as well as our exotic bamboo fibre pieces with their dramatic floral design for a real style statement.