Drinks & Water Bottles

The moment the sun shines, we all head outside to make the most of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring, exercising or just basking in those rays – it’s so important to stay hydrated. And as we’re all trying hard to cut back on single-use plastic, a water bottle is a real must-have.

Our selection of drinks bottles ranges from clever cups to fantastic flasks – all watertight so you never spill a drop. Fill up and quench that thirst!

Simple sipping

Every reusable bottle we buy helps to keep single-use plastic out of landfill – so even a simple, budget water bottle can make all the difference to the planet. Lakeland’s 400ml and 700ml drinks bottles are sturdy, strong and come with a silicone insert to stop leaks in their tracks. Plus, the lid doubles as a cup so you can choose to sip and go or stop and pour.

For an even more eco-friendly solution, there’s this virtuous vessel from Circular and Co. – it’s a water bottle, made of bottles! There’s an average of 14 single-use plastic bottles in every single one, so it’s really doing its bit to eliminate virgin materials. And with its nifty one-handed push click lid, you can keep drinking while your other hand is full.

Water is great on its own, but sometimes it needs a bit of jazzing up. So consider filling your bottle with whatever flavours you like – lemons, limes, berries, melons or even a few refreshing slices of cucumber. It’s a great way to bring your water alive without adding sugary squash.

Stay cool… keep warm

Step up to the next level of on-the-go guzzling – an insulated drinks bottle. These double-walled wonders keep liquid cold or hot for hours. So whether you want to hydrate at the gym after a busy day, or sip your coffee when you get to your desk, you can be sure your drink will still be at the perfect temperature. We’ve got a selection of these insulated drinks bottles in a range of designs and sizes – choose from the stylish and compact speckled pink, big and bold blue or the naturally pretty Woodland Trust vacuum flask.

Purity in every drop

Our water needs to taste fresh for us to keep on drinking, but it doesn’t always come out of the tap quite so tasty. If you live in a hard water area – or just want to know your water is as pure as possible – a water purifier is a great gadget to invest in. The ZeroWater 5 Stage Filter Jug removes 99% of lead and fluoride and includes a water meter, so you know there’ll never be anything nasty lurking in your water bottle. Just don’t forget to pick up a pack of those replacement filters. And if you’re refilling out and about, you can guarantee the same pure taste on the go with the GoPure portable filter. Pop it in your water bottle and it’ll work its magic in seconds.