Eurovision… Wimbledon… the Jubilee… there are so many reasons to celebrate in summer, even if it’s just a sunny Saturday afternoon. With friends and family all gathered round the table, it’s time to get the drinks flowing – so you’ll need the right barware to keep everyone topped up.

From glasses and cocktail sets to straws and ice trays , plus wine bottle openers and water carbonators we’ve got everything you need for your bartender’s kit.

Raise a glass

The drink orders are in… three glasses of wine, two pints, a ginger ale and a gin and tonic. Have you got the right glassware for everyone’s tipple of choice? Our cupboards are packed with glasses in all shapes and sizes – there’s even specialist whiskey glasses that really let those flavours breathe.

When you’re celebrating outside, there’s always that extra risk of broken glass along with any spillages. Fretting about ruining your best crystal really gets in the way of being a perfect host, so why not take these worries away with our acrylic glasses acrylic glasses? The stunning crystal-look range is just as sophisticated as the real thing, and includes beautiful flutes, tumblers, wine glasses and a generous jug for those fruity summer punches.

While you’re pouring the wine, remember the other essential accessory you’ll need for outside sipping: a wine cooler bucket. Warm white wine or roasting rose is just unthinkable, so pop your bottle in the Vacu Vin Active. It cools your wine in just five minutes and keeps working for hours – with no watery mess or wet labels.

Cool as a cube

Even worse than warm wine is a G&T, cocktail (remember to check out our cocktail sets) or tall glass of lemonade without any ice. Filling your ice cube tray is an essential part of party prep, and we’ve got moulds in every shape and size to make sure there’s always enough ice to go around. Lékué’s Extra-Large Ice Cube Tray produces 32 big cubes at once, or you can freeze and store in one go with their Ice Cube Box Tray. As a faff-free alternative to an ice tray, there are reusable ice cubes too. Joie’s set of 16 chills drinks without diluting them, and comes in a range of rainbow colours to brighten up any drink.

Sip, stir and re-use

Straws are another essential for any summer drinks soiree, but it’s always a challenge to try and finish your drink before a paper straw goes soggy. Instead, try a set of reusable straws . Our Mini Stainless Steel Straws are ideal for short cocktails like a Bramble or Negroni – or for long drinks, choose our 4 Eco-Friendly Bendy Flexi Straws which come in four vibrant colours. Both come complete with a special brush to keep your reusable straws clean.

Now everyone’s glasses are full to the brim, you’re going to need something to nibble on the side! Just like a refreshing glass of something fruity, food just tastes better outdoors – so take a look at our blog for some alfresco inspiration.