Sparkling water makers

What if we told you there was a very clever gadget that’ll help the planet and help you drink more water? It might sound too good to be true, but sparkling water makers and water carbonators hold the secret to a hydrated and sustainable home. They put the fizz at your fingertips to make water more exciting, so it’ll never feel like a chore to pour another glass. And with one of these in your kitchen, you’ll never have to buy a single-use plastic soda bottle again – especially with the delicious selection of syrups and flavours.

SodaStream: the first name in fizz

SodaStream burst on to the scene in 1903, when creator George Gilbey first invented his ‘aerating liquid machine.’ More than 100 years later, these fizz-makers are more popular than ever as a great eco gadget. Using a SodaStream machine can help one household eliminate 60 single-use plastic bottles a month – that’s more than 700 a year! Figures like these will make a huge difference to the planet, so there’s never been a better time to invest in one of their sparkling water makers. The standard Spirit has everything you need to turn tap water into a bubbly beverage, while the sturdy Crystal comes in a stylish stainless steel finish with sophisticated glass carafes. Whichever SodaStream machine you choose, you’ll be doing your bit to drink more sustainably. And the good news is, you can swap your used cylinders for recycled refills at any of our stores nationwide.

Stylish bubbles from Aarke

An alternative to a classic SodaStream Machine is a super sleek Aarke Carbonator. Their slimline sparkling water makers are expertly designed from inside to out. Each one is crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, featuring a precision nozzle that adds the perfect size of bubble to your bottle. And with multiple colours to choose from, there’s an option to sit proudly on every kitchen worktop. Aarke carbonators are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to bubble up at home but won’t sacrifice on style. .

Fizzy flavours

Bubbles are only the beginning of making delicious drinks at home – there’s a whole host of sparkling water flavours available to liven up every glass. SodaStream drink mixes allow you to recreate your favourite fizzy pop: there’s 7up, Pepsi and Pepsi Max varieties available, as well as a mix to create your own tonic water. Or if you have an Aarke Carbonator, it only takes a few of their fabulous flavour drops to add a bit of zing – there’s bold Black Raspberry, sweet Wild Strawberry and tongue-tingling Citrus Twist.

Switching to a SodaStream is just one of the ways you can cut back on the amount of waste you produce – there are so many other sustainable swaps which will really make a difference. Check out our Eco Friendly Swap Shop blog for a few top tips.