2 Kikkerland Football Ice Moulds

2 Kikkerland Football Ice Moulds

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9pc Whisky Stones Gift Set

9pc Whisky Stones Gift Set

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Lakeland ice cube trays

Keeping drinks cool in summer is a priority for many of us. From a chilled soft drink or an iced tea to a cool cocktail, ice cubes give all our favourite beverages that refreshing edge. Lakeland ice cube trays and solutions cover a vast and varied assortment of styles and shapes perfect for all occasions, whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying a cool drink on a long, hot summer’s day.

As you’d expect, Lakeland ice cube trays are top quality, and they come with our famous three-year guarantee. You’ll find standard ice cube trays and modern silicone options to choose from, as well as ice cube trays from top brands like Lékué. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find it right here.

Flex it

Our silicone ice cube trays offer extra flexibility so you can easily pop out your ice cubes once they’re frozen without the need to bash the tray on the countertop. And with everything from giant ice cubes to small ice cube trays in stock, you'll be spoilt for choice. Avoid spills with our ice cube trays with lids - they have sturdy bases for stability and the added lids makes them ideal for stacking, so you can make better use of the space in your freezer. We’ve even got hemispherical ice cube trays from Lékué so you can jazz up your drinks and even stick two half spheres together to make ice balls!

Everlasting ice

If you don't want to dilute your drinks but still want added chill then our reusable ice cubes are the perfect solution - and they save on time and mess, too. In a range of shapes including novelty ice cubes, simply freeze the cubes, add to drinks, then once you're finished, wash them and pop them back in the freezer for next time. If freezer space is at a premium, reusable ice cube bags can help make room. Simply fill the sectioned bag with water, freeze and flex the bag to release the cubes. Whichever option you choose you'll enjoy chilled drinks perfect for those long summer nights.

Cool cocktails

If you're a budding cocktail mixologist, make sure you have all the barware you need to create the best cocktails. Our range includes the standard bar necessities, such as cocktail mixers and glassware, bar mats, coasters, serving boards and cocktail drink syrups, as well as ice cube holders and trays. Add a fun touch with an ice cube mould - we’ve got various shapes to choose from, and even reusable ice cubes in rainbow colours. Now get mixing!

Multipurpose moulds

What else can you use your ice cube mould for? Well, if you invest in a giant ice cube tray, you could fill it with homemade ice cream - a kind of ice cream tray, if you will. Turn out precise portions for an easy, pre-prepared pudding. They’re also handy for freezing small quantities of herbs so you can save any leftovers before they go bad - just add a splash of water into each cube mould. When you’re cooking a stew or a casserole, pop in a couple of cubes for added flavour.