3pc Viners Select Cheese Knife Set

3pc Viners Select Cheese Knife Set

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Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

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Cheese Knives

Whether you like it blue, mild or creamy, in the UK we love a bit of cheese. If you’re eating it every day of the week, just at Christmas or whenever you fancy it on a cracker, there’s nothing quite as delicious as a spot of cheese smothered in chutney.

But can you really call yourself a cheese aficionado without a cheese knife set on your kitchen worktop? Well, you can, but you can’t take your cheese presentation to the next level without one.

So, if you’re serving cheese and wine, getting the family round with their favourite cheeses or relaxing after the main event on Christmas day, we’ve got all your cheese needs covered at Lakeland. You can choose from our cheese knife sets, specialist cheese knives and cheese platter boards. Go on, say cheese…

Why do you need cheese knives?

For cutting cheese of course. And while you might think that any knife will do, true connoisseurs of the cheesy stuff will tell you that you really need the full set. A cheese knife set gives you options to deal with different types of cheese – honestly, it’s an essential for any dinner party.

We’re talking fork-tipped knives that are ideal for cutting through both hard and soft cheeses, as well as lifting chunks from cheeseboard to plate. We’ve got cleaver-style cheese knives which will handle all your harder varieties of cheese. And you’ll also find cheese slicing blades that are ready and waiting to carve thin slivers of cheese from semi-hard varieties – this type of cheese knife will also act as a spatula to lift the slice of cheese onto your plate.

With all these different types of cheese knife it truly is “no fingers allowed.”

Multi-functional cheese knives

What is a multi-functional cheese knife, we hear you ask. Is this something you really need to add to your kitchen knives? Well if you ask us, it certainly is.

Made by the good folks down under at Dreamfarm, this knibble knife has plenty of different functions that all mean you can handle your cheese like a pro. There’s a barbed glade that gives you nice even slices of cheese, a rounded top edge that’s ideal for spreading cheese onto bread and crackers and a fork that makes serving up chunks of cheese a doddle.

You might not have known you needed one of these before, but we bet you soon won’t be able to live without it.

Platters for cheese perfection

What are you serving your cheese on? Don’t go half the way and just invest in some cheese knives. To score some real style points when you put up your cheese for presentation, you simply can’t beat a cheese platter.

At Lakeland you’ll find slate cheese serving boards for a sophisticated and convenient way to serve up your favourite hard and crumbly cheese.

If you’re a brie lover, a Cheshire fanatic or a wensleydale worshipper you’ll be slicing, chopping and serving to your heart’s content with the range of cheese knives and cheese knife sets available at Lakeland. The cheese course is set to be the most popular event at all your dinner parties!