Zyliss Comfort 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Zyliss Comfort 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

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Zyliss Comfort 3-Piece Paring, Serrated and Utility Knife Set

Zyliss Comfort 3-Piece Paring, Serrated and Utility Knife Set

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Kitchen Knives

Just where do you start to choose the best kitchen knives for you? They all seem strong, sharp and up to the job, but which ones are a cut above the rest? Do you choose a full tang, fully forged knife, a ceramic blade or a standard stainless steel blade with a comfy plastic handle? Once you’ve decided on the material you then need to choose the type of knife. From a general purpose Chef’s knife to a Santoku knife or bread knife, at Lakeland you can cherry-pick to fill the gaps in your collection or plump for a whole knife set.

Featuring top quality steel and 'cutting-edge' designs from some of the most famous designers such as Robert Welch and I.O.Shen, we bring you some of the finest kitchen knives on the market.

From safe, stylish budget options including Lakeland exclusives to top of the range precision blades - bringing perfection to chopping, slicing, cleaving or paring. We have a knife to suit every budget and cutting requirement.

If you are still unsure which knife would be best suited to your needs, why not read our informative knife buying guide which includes information on blade types and knife techniques.

Once you have the perfect knife you will be amazed at the precision chopping you can perform. However, without regular sharpening, your knife will gradually become blunt so why not treat yourself to a knife sharpener or whetstone and ensure your knife has premium performance for years to come.