GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan

GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan

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Are you a self-proclaimed master chef? Or maybe you cook purely out of necessity? No matter your credentials in the kitchen, make sure your experience is the best it can be with our huge range of high-end cooking equipment, cooking accessories and quality ingredients.

If you need to upgrade a major item like your frying pan or you’re in the market for some delicious new seasonings to help give your meals some extra flavour, simply browse our collection and get ready to cook up a storm every day of the week.

Everyday cooking essentials

There are certain items that everyone should really have in their kitchen. This includes some high-quality pots and pans. Luckily for you, they are two things that you’ll find plenty of at Lakeland…

From multi-sets of saucepans that come in varying sizes to sturdy frying pans perfect for cooking almost any meal, there’s no shortage of options. Discover items from some of the biggest names in the cookware world, from anodised pans from Tefal to eco-friendly options made by Earthpan.

Shopping on a slightly smaller budget? Our Lakeland own brand pans are a brilliant alternative and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, shades and materials.

Specialty pans for extra special meals

You won’t just spot standard pans for frying and sauteing in our cooking range. You can also shop for a few more specialty items that’ll help take your cooking from good to great.

If you’ve always wanted a square griddle pan for searing vegetables or meat, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve also got cast iron skillet pans that are perfect for creating a big batch of homemade crepes or fluffy flatbreads.

Nifty cooking accessories

Once you’ve got all those essential pieces of kitchen kit sorted, why not take a look at our other handy cooking accessories?

Shake things up with some brand-new salt and pepper grinders. You’ll find lots of great picks at Lakeland, from contemporary chrome salt and pepper mills to more traditional twist and grind options crafted from smooth wood. We’ve also got plenty of super snazzy products that boast multiple settings and easy-peasy push buttons.

Tend to reheat your meals in the microwave? Invest in some brand-new microwave cookware – think heatproof lunchboxes with slotted lids and handy microwavable plate warmers.

It’s not just kitchen equipment that you’ll find at Lakeland either. We also help you to upgrade your chutneys, spices and sauces with flavour-packed products from a range of brilliant British brands.

If you’re feeling inspired to get creative in the kitchen, don’t just stop at our cooking accessories. Get ready for the summer season with our range of BBQ accessories or satisfy your inner baker with our vast assortment of brilliant baking equipment.