Dreamfarm Ortwo Grinder Mill

Dreamfarm Ortwo Grinder Mill

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Salt & pepper mills & grinders

Every committed cook knows that seasoning is what makes a meal. Herbs and spices are the secret ingredient to add a kick to curries or an authentic taste to a tagine, but some meals just call for the basics: salt and pepper. We’ve got plenty of salt and pepper mills all under one roof, as well as wood pepper grinders and pestles and mortars, so you can rustle up delicious dishes that are seasoned to perfection.

Salt and pepper are essential to most savoury recipes, and they can jazz up desserts, too - everything from salted caramel ice cream to Icelandic pepper cookies. Whether you’re a keen home cook or more advanced in the kitchen, there’s no better reason to season than the sense of pride that comes with creating dishes that really tantalise the tastebuds.


Pepper makes eggs more exciting and salt counters the bitterness in a homemade tomato sauce, but whatever you like to cook in the kitchen, salt and pepper mills are what’ll make your meals mouth-watering. Use them to season meat, add flavour to stews or salads, or just to finish off some French fries - you’ll notice the difference immediately. Add salt and pepper during cooking or have some handy shakers on the dining table so that everyone can season their own meal to taste.

Freshly ground

Like other types of seasoning, salt and pepper come pre-ground or in coarse forms for grinding at home. Professional chefs tend to opt for seasoning in its natural form, because it’s fresher: pre-ground herbs, spices and pepper react with the oxygen in the air, which can dull the flavour. If you want to create the freshest, most flavoursome dishes, our metal or wood pepper grinders are just the thing. We’ve got standard grinders that simply twist to operate, as well as professional single-handed grinders from top brands like Dreamfarm, with different settings to make them versatile for grinding spices, salt and seeds, too.

Smart seasoning

Manual salt and pepper grinders aren’t for everyone. If yours clog easily (handy hint: don’t season directly over a steaming pan), are difficult to twist, or you just want a way to season during cooking while your hands are busy stirring, consider investing in a pair of electronic salt and pepper mills. At the touch of a button, electronic salt and pepper grinders can add just the right amount of seasoning to your meals - no effort required. And they’re usually adjustable too, so you can choose how coarse or fine you’d like your seasoning to be. Check out Salter’s range - they come with a ten-year guarantee, too.

Elegant essentials

Serious cooks who like to start from scratch can’t go wrong with a pestle and mortar when it comes to grinding up salt and pepper (and pretty much any other seasoning). Our pestle and mortar sets are as attractive as they are practical, made from natural stone like granite to live up to heavy use - they’re perfect for making pesto when it’s basil season. If you’d prefer something more lightweight but equally stylish, our wood pepper grinders fit the bill - take a look at the elegant sets we’ve got in stock from Cole and Mason.