KitchenCraft 30cm Bamboo Skewers

KitchenCraft 30cm Bamboo Skewers

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Roasting Tins, Accessories and Roasting Equipment

A roast dinner is the perfect opportunity for a family get-together, but the preparation can seem like an awful lot of faff. To help alleviate the stress of preparing everything at Lakeland we have a fantastic selection of roasting equipment to make cooking easy.

Roasting equipment you hear us say? Exactly! It really wouldn’t be a roast to wow the rest of the family without all your essential roasting equipment. We’re talking roasting trays, roasting tins, roasting dishes and roasting pans.

We’ve also got those cool little thermometers to stick into the meat to check it’s cooked – no need to chop into your chicken to examine the colour anymore! And if you’re cooking for a large crowd our clever oven 'Add a Shelf' allows you to make maximum use of all the available space in your oven.

Remarkable roasting tins

Whether you prefer roast chicken, roast lamb, roast pork with crispy crackling or traditional roast beef, (cooked to perfection with the help of a meat thermometer), our durable roasting tins come in a range of sizes and designs including tins with pouring lips, So, you can easily collect the flavoursome meat juices for making gravy.

And talking of gravy, why not use a fat separator jug to make yours as healthy as possible while retaining all those delicious flavours? A healthier Sunday roast? We like the sound of that!

Roasting trays with all the trimmings

It’s not just the meat that takes centre stage come Sunday (or any other day you fancy a roast for that matter), you’ve got veggies to think about too. Or what about some delicious prawns for a little surf and turf? To keep your roast game on point you need roasting trays to cover all bases.

And that’s what we’ve got for you at Lakeland. We’ve got small roasting trays, roasting trays that go in the oven and on the barbecue, and roasting trays that make sure your roast potatoes are as crispy as crispy can be.

Bringing your A-game with your essential roasting equipment

Yes we’ve already mentioned meat thermometers – great little gadgets if you ask us! But for a roast to really impress all your family and friends, you need timers to keep the roast running like clockwork, lifting forks to get the meat of the tray like a pro, and basting spoons to get that chicken skin as crispy as possible. And let’s not forget your kebab skewers, wrap and roast roll, and the all-important oven liner.

Finally, no roast dinner would be complete without Yorkshire puddings so choose a dedicated Yorkshire pudding tray and follow our delicious How to Make Yorkshire Pudding guide.

If Sunday dinner is sacred in your house and the end of the weekend simply wouldn’t be the same without the smells of a delicious roast wafting through the house for hours, we’ve got everything you need at Lakeland. Whether you’re looking for the perfect roasting pan, a new set of roaster trays or a couple of roasting tins you’ll find everything you need. And maybe a few things you didn’t even know you needed!

And if that’s not enough, we’ve even got a few healthy roast recipes to tingle your tastebuds and help you up your roast game to really impress come Sunday.