Earthpan 28cm Eco Grill Pan

Earthpan 28cm Eco Grill Pan

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Grill and griddle pans

Barbecuing is great – but we don’t always have the weather, time or enough outdoor space to fire up the coals. If rain dampens your dinner plans or you’re in a post-work rush, you can still get that charred flavour on the hob with our griddle and grill pan range. Strong and sturdy, they’re all made to withstand the heat – so you can turn up the dial and get grilling.

The pan of the summer

There’s something about those authentic char lines which make summer dishes look and taste even better – and the best way to achieve this inside is with a top-quality griddle pan. The Lakeland Cast Aluminium grill pan features a double layer of non-stick and a super-fast heating base – making it easy to clean and suitable for induction hobs. And unlike a traditional cast-iron pan, you don’t need the strength of a weightlifter to give the contents a quick toss. It’s great for cooking burgers, sausages, chicken breasts and even fish – but this kitchen essential isn’t only for meat-eaters. A griddle pan is great for cooking vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, courgette and pak choi, keeping their freshness and adding a tasty, charred flavour. Or if you’re making a cheese toastie, swap the sandwich maker for a grill pan to get the perfectly crisp finish.

Even with a trusty griddle pan, there are always times you can rely on your oven. Popping your meat and veg under the grill is still one of the healthiest ways to cook, but there’s every chance your grill tray will have seen better days. Make a fresh start and upgrade to the Lakeland Large Grill Pan – it’s good to go in the dishwasher, oven safe up to 250°C and fits under any standard width grill.

A greener way to griddle

We all want to do our own little bit for the environment, and buying an eco pan can be a great place to start. Among our selection is the Venice Pro GreenPan made from all-natural materials; and the 28cm grill pan from the Earth Pan range. Every item in this collection has been selected for its performance as well as its eco credentials. So as well as its heavy-duty, non-stick surface, it’s made from 100% recycled materials using 50% fewer CO2 emissions. Eco pans all play their part in creating a more sustainable world.

A pan made for tossing

Pancakes are so good, why shouldn’t we have them all year round? Whether it’s a brilliant breakfast or perfect pudding, a crêpe pan turns out thin, silky pancakes every time, ready to top with whatever you want. Try a heartier kind of batter in these Buckwheat Pancakes with Raspberry Compote – delicious with a drizzle of honey and a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Or if you’re planning a big garden get together and fancy making a different kind of pudding, you can use the crêpe pan to make a multi-layered crêpe cake. Each layer is sandwiched together with a generous coating of caramelized biscuit spread, creating a stack no-one will be able to resist.