Earthpan 24cm Eco Frying Pan

Earthpan 24cm Eco Frying Pan

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 24cm

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 24cm

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Frying pans and skillets

The trusty frying pan is every home cook’s best friend. Versatile and reliable, it can handle so much more than a full English breakfast. From stir fries, omelettes and pan-fried fish to Bolognese sauce and pancakes, the list of meals you can make in a frying pan really is endless - and we’ve got dozens to choose from, including frying pans with lids and stainless steel frying pans in a choice of sizes.

We think we’ve got the best frying pans the UK has to offer in our vast and varied range here at Lakeland, but don’t just take our word for it. Browse our website or visit us in store and you’ll find everything from top quality non-stick frying pans to extra-deep skillets from some of the world’s best brands - including our own, of course.

A real steel

Stainless steel frying pans are a mainstay of every professional chef’s kitchen, and it’s no wonder: durable, heat resistant and hygienic, stainless steel is the material of choice around food. Naturally antibacterial and capable of withstanding heavy use, stainless steel conducts heat evenly for the best results every time. And because it doesn’t react with the chemicals in foods like some metals, stainless steel frying pans can help preserve the taste of whatever you’re cooking so you can really savour the flavour.

Multi-skilled skillets

A skillet is just like a frying pan but with one key difference: it tends to be made almost entirely from cast iron. Dating back millennia, to when people cooked over open fires because stoves didn’t exist yet, skillets would have been used to cook daily meals in the same way that many of us now use a frying pan. Still in use today, cast iron skillets are just as good on the hob at home as they are over a campfire, offering fast and even heat distribution for frying, sauteing, braising, roasting and even baking - that’s right, you can even use a skillet to make an apple crumble!

Non-stick frying pans

Around the world, the most common frying pan problem has to be food sticking during cooking. Nothing’s more annoying when you’re preparing to plate up than having to scrape an hour’s effort from the bottom of the pan, which is why we’ve brought together the best non-stick frying pans the UK has to offer. Alongside our own reinforced range of non-stick pans, we’ve got some fantastic frying pans from brands like OXO Good Grips with triple layered non-stick protection. No more scraping and soaking - just efficient cooking and predictable results.

Put a lid on it

Not all non-stick frying pans come with lids, but some do, and it’s always helpful to have the option. Frying pans with lids can be handy if you’re in a hurry and need the contents of your pan to heat faster. By adding a lid, you can use your frying pan to cook meat, fish or vegetables quicker.

Covering the pan keeps the heat inside even, so the food cooks through. Using the lid also helps whatever you’re cooking retain its moisture, which means no more flapping over dry chicken breast or an omelette that won’t budge from the bottom of the pan.