Lakeland Hard Anodised Bell Shaped 24cm Saute Pan

Lakeland Hard Anodised Bell Shaped 24cm Saute Pan

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Aluminium and stainless steel saute pans

Taken from the French meaning ‘jump’, to saute is to cook small or thinly sliced ingredients quickly in a little oil, while turning the food all the time or tossing it in the pan. It’s such a popular method of cooking that pans especially for sauteing are widely available - our cookware range includes stainless steel saute pans, aluminium and cast iron alternatives, giving you plenty of choice.

Sauteing food browns the ingredients while preserving their flavour and texture. It’s a great way to cook tender vegetables like asparagus but also perfect for pork loins and fillets of fish. Just grip the pan firmly and use your elbow to jerk it back and forth, jumping the ingredients through the thin layer of oil. Afterwards, use the remaining liquid as the base of a sauce for a fast, flavourful meal. Voila!

Built-in benefits

Not all pans are created equal. Here at Lakeland, we go that bit further to develop products that are built to last and intelligently designed to make life easier in the kitchen. Our stainless steel saute pans are hardwearing, stylish and suitable for all types of hobs - including induction. Coated with three layers of Teflon, our saute pans are non-stick and metal utensil-friendly. And because we’ve added an encapsulated aluminium base for even cooking, there’s no chance of hotspots.

Professional results

If you’re a master in the kitchen but need to replace your trusty saute pan, explore our range and you’re bound to find a worthy successor. Our pots and pans include models from top brands, including Circulon - a favourite among professional chefs and passionate foodies. Circulon’s quality cookware includes premium saute pans with stainless steel bases and a non-stick system that’s guaranteed to last as long as the pan itself, so you can expect professional results every mealtime.

A saucier saute

Need something a little bigger that can not only saute but sear and reduce sauces, too? No problem. A chef’s pan fits the bill perfectly as the hybrid lovechild of a saute pan and a frying pan. Deeper than a saute pan with sloped sides and a large handle for ease of use, a chef’s pan - or saucier pan, as they can be known - is ideal for cooking meat or vegetables, and for whisking up perfect sauces. The larger handle makes it easy to lift the pan in and out of the oven, too, for maximum versatility.

Iron clad

You’ll find plenty of stainless steel saute pans in our range but it’s worth looking at the cast iron creations we’ve got in stock, too. All-purpose cast iron flat pans can be useful for sauteing - the low sides allow steam to escape, which stops the ingredients from stewing. Browse the cast iron pans on offer at Lakeland from top brands like Prue Leith - TV personality Prue’s flat pans come with fabric sleeves for the handle and are heat-resistant up to 250°C (without the sleeve, of course).