Casserole Dishes and Stockpots

Is there anything quite as good and comforting as a good casserole? Whether you’re cooking for the family on a Sunday or whipping something up mid-week, you simply can’t go wrong with a tender and delicious casserole. Meat, fish or veg… the choice is yours.

But to get that classic casserole taste, texture and lip-smacking deliciousness, you need the right kitchen equipment in your cupboards and on your stove. And at Lakeland, that’s exactly what you’ll find in our range of casserole pans and casserole dishes. When it comes to updating your go-to pots and pans in your kitchen, there’s no better place to come to than Lakeland.

As well as our own brand Lakeland casserole pots and stock pots, you’ll also find the best pots and pans from the likes of Earthpan, GreenPan and Prue’s World. Whether you’re after a casserole dish with lid, a hob to oven casserole dish, a flameproof casserole dish or a cast iron casserole dish you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

From hob to oven to table

When you’re cooking a casserole, curry or ragu there’s a few steps you need to get right. You’ll be frying onions and other veg on the stove. Once your stock and the base of your sauce, and whatever meat, fish or veg you’re cooking, go into the casserole pot you’ll want to bang it into the oven to get everything tender and delicious.

A hob to oven casserole dish is a must-have. If you have to transfer between pots and pans you’ll lose some of the flavour along the way!

Next you’ll want to plonk it into the middle of the table for some family style eating. Whether you’re plonking for the family or placing neatly in the middle of your dinner party spread, you don’t want an old pan to ruin the centrepiece of your table. You’ll need a casserole dish with a little style.

Thankfully those on offer from Prue’s World and our very own Lakeland cast iron casserole dishes are just the thing.

Superior stockpots

Again a stockpot is an absolute essential when it comes to your kitchen pots and pans collection. And as you’d expect from us at Lakeland, we’ve got some great stockpots with some handy design touches too.

Take for example our stainless steel stockpots. Not only do they have that classic kitchen style to match with any kitchen décor, but they’re simply great at what they do. With a layer of aluminium sandwiched between the stainless steel, the base of the pot delivers superior cooking performance – think even heat distribution and less hot spots, which means your food gets equal heat. It also retains heat better for more efficient cooking.

Specialist casserole dishes for something a little different

At Lakeland our range of casserole dishes and casserole pots also includes essentials for specific types of cooking. You’ll find tagines for authentic Moroccan feasts. We’ve got cast iron Dutch ovens for classic slow cooking, as well as Karahi cooking dishes for the best curry you’ve ever tasted.

At Lakeland, we’ve got all your casserole dish needs covered. Need a casserole dish with a lid? Want a cast iron casserole dish? Can’t do without a flameproof casserole dish? Or are you looking to serve up family style with a hob to oven casserole dish? You’ll find everything you want and more at Lakeland.