Lakeland Good With Everything Herb Sea Salt 300g

Lakeland Good With Everything Herb Sea Salt 300g

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Lakeland 6 Reusable Bouquet Garni Bags

Lakeland 6 Reusable Bouquet Garni Bags

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Herbs and Spices & Seasonings

When it comes to gathering the right cooking ingredients, your herbs and spices and the rest of your seasonings are essential. Injecting your food with bold flavour and giving it that extra something special, herbs and spices can be the difference between a good meal and a fantastic meal.

So, if it’s time to stock up on your spice collection, you’re in the right place. At Lakeland, we love seasonings and spices. From simple salt and pepper must-haves to more gourmet spices and herbs, you’ll find plenty to choose from to create all the dishes you can dream up. You can also shop stock and savoury extracts, as well as a selection of great spice display options for your kitchen.

Herbs and spices

Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen for a big dinner party or simply preparing a quick dinner for your family, it’s the herbs that make all the difference. And you’ll find what you need in the latest Lakeland range. You can stock up on your most-used flavours or experiment with something new…

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper are usually the staple components of any spice collection. They might seem basic, but they’re incredibly important ingredients for almost all meals.

Here, you can shop delicious and high-quality rock salt and black peppercorns to upgrade your classic salt and pepper. Don’t forget, if you decide to switch to rock salt and peppercorns, you’ll need a great quality salt and pepper mill to grind your seasoning perfectly.

Complete your collection with stock and savoury extract

Alongside the right spices, some of the staples in any kitchen cupboard are stock and savoury extracts. These cooking ingredients can add heat, spice, zest and an abundance of powerful flavour to even a simple dish. They are also fab if you love to cook slow-cooked and hearty homemade meals.

Discover our own Lakeland range of slow cooker sauces to take your casseroles and stews to the next level. Simply prepare your ingredients, add the sauce to your slow cooker and let the unique and delicious flavours infuse into your dish.

Herbs and spices sets and accessories

If you’re stocking up from scratch, you might find our herbs and spices sets a great choice. We even have gourmet spice and herbs sets that make the perfect addition to a luxe kitchen.

And when it comes to displaying and storing your spices, you’ll find shakers and tins that do the job beautifully. Choose between modern or traditional options to suit your kitchen’s style.

Find all the cooking essentials you need in the latest Lakeland collection. Once you’ve topped up on spices and seasoning and created your dream herbs and spices set, head over to our cookware range to make sure you’ve got the best pots and pans to create the dishes of your dreams.