variety of baking accessories and freshly baked cupcakes undecorated on the kitchen worktop
Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125g

Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125g

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Cake Decorating Sprinkles - 120g Chocolate Chocoholics Delight

Cake Decorating Sprinkles - 120g Chocolate Chocoholics Delight

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Doves Farm Vitamin C

Doves Farm Vitamin C

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Baking utensils for perfect cakes and bakes

With all the baking utensils you could possibly want under one (digital) roof, there’s no need to shop around for supplies for cakes and bakes. You can pick up everything you need for the kitchen all in one place at Lakeland, which gives you more time to spend on what you’re brilliant at: baking.

Even if you’re less Mary Berry, more beginner, we’ve got all the tools to help you get creative in the kitchen - including more cake tins and trays than you can shake a flour sifter at. There’s plenty for pastry, pies and biscuits, too, and bakeware for savoury baking like bread and quiches. We’ve thought of everything the keen baker might need, and the icing on the cake? We can deliver it all direct to your door.

Baking basics

Baking is something of a fine art but creating a masterpiece rather than a mess in the kitchen becomes easier with practice - and the right baking utensils. A good mixing bowl, whisk and rolling pin are essential for budding bakers and experienced pastry chefs alike - you’ll find a great selection of baking basics online and in store here at Lakeland. With all sizes of tins and trays in stock, too, you can start out small with buns or muffins, build up to bigger tray bakes or showcase your skills with a tiered celebration cake - there’s no end to the possibilities once you’re bitten by the baking bug.

Perfect pastry

Sweet or savoury, puff or shortcrust, nothing quite compares to the taste of homemade pies and pastries. With quality utensils from Lakeland, you can get to grips with the finer workings of filo, or whisk in just enough air to ensure a crisp choux. From ceramic baking beans to non-slip pastry mats, pastry brushes to tartlet trays, our broad range of pastry making utensils offers the widest choice of baking equipment designed to help you achieve perfect results every time.

A fine finish

Your baked creations are freshly made with love: now, it’s time to make sure they look good enough to eat. Presentation always makes a difference, doesn’t it? After all, who can resist a perfectly piped cupcake or cute cookies cut into animal shapes? Not us. Among our baking utensils and decorations are all the tools and toppings you could wish for to ensure your cakes and bakes are a real feast for the eyes, from ready to roll icing and strawberry flavoured frosting to palette knives and edible flowers.

Family fun

Baking can be fun for all the family with our baking sets, which are designed especially for little hands. They’re a great way to inspire the next generation of budding bakers and include children’s baking utensils, cookie cutters and colourful silicone cake cases. In fact, we have a whole range dedicated to baking with kids, where you can browse children’s aprons, fun cake moulds, animal icing cutters, cake pop kits, alphabet letter cutters and loads more to get their imaginations going.