Weighing and Measuring Equipment

If you learn one thing from watching baking and cooking shows, it’s that precision is vital. Too much of one ingredient and your cake might end up too dense. Too little? Flat as a pancake. Don’t despair just yet though. There’s a really simple fix for all these potential dilemmas: kitchen scales, measuring jugs and measuring cups.

Here at Lakeland, weighing and measuring equipment is our bread and butter. We’ve got options to suit every kind of chef, whether you only ever bake the occasional birthday cake or you’d happily spend half of your time whipping up mouth-watering sweet and savoury creations in the kitchen.

Why is weighing and measuring important?

So, do you really need to measure out the flour for a cake? And is it absolutely necessary to pour out exactly the right amount of soy sauce for that teriyaki marinade recipe you just found online? The answer is almost always a resounding yes – especially when it comes to baking.

Think of it as a science. Having the right mix of ingredients and exactly the right amounts will lead to the best results. Forget to add something or pour in more than is needed and it might just turn into a total kitchen disaster. So, why not skip all the hassle and invest in a brand-new pair of weighing scales from Lakeland?

As well as options from our own amazing range, you’ll spot high-quality kitchen scales from brands like Taylor and Salter. Don’t forget that all-important measuring jug, either. They come in handy for measuring out all kinds of wet ingredients, from milk and oil to stocks and sauces.

Don’t forget the spoons

It’s not just jugs and scales that are useful when you’re cooking. Having a nice set of measuring spoons is essential for measuring out things like baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, spices and sweet flavourings.

Pick up some simple and functional plastic spoons for just a few pounds or upgrade to a sleek metal spoon set. You’ll also find tools that combine measuring spoons and cups together, allowing you to save on storage if you’ve got a compact kitchen.

Let’s go digital

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, switching from traditional weighing scales to digital ones is never a bad idea.

Waterproof digital scales are ideal for messy cooks or if you regularly bake with your kids. We’ve also got nifty scales that let you measure out two separate baking ingredients at once, plus rechargeable options made out of sustainable bamboo. Low on cupboard space? Discover foldable kitchen scales that can be stashed in a drawer when they’re not in use.

If you’re yet to purchase the perfect weighing scales, why not make today the day? Life really is too short to be making cakes with soggy bottoms or to accidentally add too much baking powder to muffins. With the right tools for the trade, you’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen in no time!