variety of baking accessories and freshly baked cupcakes undecorated on the kitchen worktop
Silicone Piping Bag with Built-in Coupler and 8 Nozzles

Silicone Piping Bag with Built-in Coupler and 8 Nozzles

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Professional Piping Set - 7 Nozzles and 1 Piping Bag

Professional Piping Set - 7 Nozzles and 1 Piping Bag

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Kitchencraft Sweetly Does It Stainless Steel Cake Lifter 25cm

Kitchencraft Sweetly Does It Stainless Steel Cake Lifter 25cm

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Duo Colour Icing Kit - 6 Nozzles and 8 Piping Bags

Duo Colour Icing Kit - 6 Nozzles and 8 Piping Bags

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Cake Decorating Supplies and Accessories

Having the right cake decorating supplies makes all baking projects easier – whether you're just looking to bake a batch of cupcakes or planning an extra-special celebration cake, having the confidence to go all-out with the decoration comes from having the right tools for the job.

At Lakeland we offer a one-stop-shop for all kinds of cake decoration. From cupcake cases in every colour of the rainbow to cake-toppers for any occasion, we have everything you need to make your bakes the best in town, whatever the colour scheme, theme or latest trend.

So, prepare your kitchen for some experimentation and pre-heat the oven because, with this selection of Lakeland cake decorations and cake accessories, you’re about to get super busy.

Cake accessories for everyone

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced cake decorator, show-stopping cakes and bakes become much more achievable when you have the right equipment.

Our collection of cake accessories has been carefully chosen to balance quality with price and gives you easy options for dramatic results. If it’s getting the right coupler for the right piping bag, making sure you’ve got all the modelling and shaping tools you need, or if you just need icing in that exact shade of blue you saw on Pinterest, there’s something here for every baking project and for every level of ability.

There is also a huge range of icing moulds and cutters that make it fun to get the kids involved. So, roll up their sleeves and spark their interest in baking early with some super fun cupcakes or cookies.

It’s all about the icing

When it comes to icing and marzipan, we’ve got it covered. So, if you need ready-to-roll fondant icing, straight-out-the-tub frosting, or a chocolate ganache, we have just about every colour and flavour you can think of – plus a range of food colouring and flavours to create your own.

And that’s just for starters; with a selection of piping bags and icing nozzles to make any patisserie chef go weak at the knees, you can pipe flowers, stars, swirls, and even write messages for your loved ones on top of your bakes.

Icing moulds

If using a piping bag really is too daunting a thought, then we have icing moulds to take the faff out of creating beautiful flowers, letters and even animals out of sugar paste. Once you’ve used your food colouring and flavour to create your dream icing, simply add the icing to a mould and once set, you’re left with a professional-looking icing figure or shape to add to your cakes and muffins.

Other cake decorating supplies

Sometimes, we don’t have the time to create everything from scratch. And that’s okay! This range has all your essentials to get the job done. If you’re short on time, try our ready-made edible cake toppers, sprinkles and edible glitter for a quick and easy finishing touch that’s sure to impress. Designed to make finishing your cake quick and simple, these ready-to-go cake accessories are the perfect choice if you don’t have hours to spend on your design.

Complete cake decorating kit

To help get that professional look, we also have turntables, palette knives, icing scrapers and fondant smoothers. If you really want to push the boat out and create an extra-special finish, then the PME Airbrush Decorating Kit with 8 colours will help you to create ombré, tinted cakes, multi-coloured cakes, or to paint sculpted petals and flowers in delicate shades.

It’s the little things that count when it comes to the best cake stuff, so you’ll find everything in this collection from cupcake corers for the perfect butterfly cakes to edible wafer paper.

However you choose to decorate, just don’t forget the all-important birthday candles!

Kids’ cake decorating kits

People of all ages can enjoy our cake decorating range. And when it comes to cake stuff, we know what we’re talking about. With our Kids’ Ultimate Baking Set, little fingers can get stuck in with the weighing, mixing, pouring and decorating to make cupcakes, brownies and muffins that they’ll want to share with all their friends.

There are also plenty of fun icing cutters that are made just for kids to help them create anything they desire. For those that have a few more years of experience and want to try something a bit more adventurous, our comprehensive cake decorating kit has everything you, or the budding cake-decorator in your life, needs to start experimenting with different ways of icing, piping and decorating.

If you need further cake decorating inspiration then view our blog for hints and tips from icing experts, including Renshaw.