Piping Nozzles and Piping Bags

For the perfect finish that is quite literally the icing on the cake you need quality icing bags and piping nozzles. Disposable decorating bags reduce the need for clear-up afterwards, or why not choose a duo colour piping bag for a fun, decorating twist.

You’ll need a range of icing nozzles dependent on the type of finish you require. Russian piping tips are flat-topped icing nozzles that are perfect for creating icing roses, tulips and dainty floral cake decorations. Alternatively choose a piping nozzle set that has everything you need to create stars, swirls, ribbons and flowers or perfectly piped letters. Lakeland stock other handy accessories such as icing couplers and piping tubes. Shop our complete range of decorating tips, reusable, disposable and grippy icing bags and accessories here.