Ready to roll icing & marzipan

Turning a bake into a cake is all in the icing. We’ve got a great range of ready to roll icing, frosting, royal icing and more, to cater for all kinds of cake decorating possibilities. From colourful kids’ birthday cupcakes to a traditional Christmas cake, our wide selection of icing and marzipan can help you transform your bakes into something extra special.

Roll with it

Ready to roll icing gives a professional finish every time, no matter the occasion. Soft, smooth and tempting, fondant icing is perfect for birthday cakes, wedding cakes or for adding decorative touches to biscuits. Simply roll out the ready-made icing to the right thickness for your bakes or biscuits, cut to size or shape, and apply using water or sugar glue for instant appeal. Choose from our rainbow of shades in ready to roll coloured icing, multipacks for added value, or the classic white, for a quick and easy way to ice your cake creations (and conveniently cover any mistakes made during the baking process).

Marzipan for miles

Love it or hate it, marzipan is a mainstay of some types of cakes. Christmas cake in particular tends to be covered with a layer of marzipan underneath either soft fondant icing or hard royal icing and you might even munch a bit of marzipan on a homemade birthday cake. Otherwise, marzipan can be used to make petit fours - perhaps an idea for dinner party delicacies? Save time on your Christmas creations or petit fours prep by picking up some ready to roll marzipan in store or online - we’ve even got ready rolled, cake-sized marzipan circles for maximum convenience!

Buttered up

To frost or not to frost? Buttercream between layers of cake can really add flavour - especially if it’s, well, flavoured. And cupcakes almost always benefit from a layer of frosting piped on top. We have frosting pots a-plenty for you to choose from, in delicious flavours - salted caramel, anyone? But what about naked cakes? A thoroughly modern phenomenon, naked cakes are, quite literally, layered sponges with the thinnest of crumb coatings to hold the cake together. This is one instance where less is definitely more - just add elegant cake toppers like our pressed edible flowers to a crumb coating for a show-stopping cake without any fuss over frosting.

Icing accessories

For a picture-perfect cake or bake, don’t forget the icing accessories. If you’re going for soft fondant or marzipan, you’ll need a rolling pin for starters, and perhaps some cutters to create decorative shapes. Planning to pipe some frosting onto cupcakes? We’ve got all the piping bags and nozzles you’ll need, along with icing bag holders so you can pipe different colours or flavours while keeping your worktops mess-free. Oh, and to keep everything in place, we’ve got edible glue, too! Then it’s just a matter of adding the finishing touches - like sprinkles and cake toppers - to create a real feast for the eyes.