Cake Boxes

When you've spent time and effort creating delicious home-bakes, naturally you want to keep them as fresh as the day they were made, so an airtight cake box is a must. Whether you've rustled up a batch of cute cupcakes or scrumptious scones, an extra-special birthday cake or super-size celebration gateau, we have a cake storage box or cake tin to suit. The simplest, no-nonsense reusable solution is the humble plastic cake box. Simple to clip shut, airtight lids seal in the freshness. In a multitude of sizes, you're sure to find one to keep your naughty-but-nice bake fresh. If you're struggling to transport baked goodies to coffee mornings or fetes, we have portable cake boxes to keep creations fresh and pristine on the move; even cupcake carriers and storage so none of your bakes get damaged. Simple cardboard bakery boxes are perfect for gifting and for simple and easy transportation and if you're lucky enough to be keeping your bakes our decorative cake tins will look great out on your worktops.