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Nielsen-Massey Food Flavour - 118ml Vanilla Extract

Nielsen-Massey Food Flavour - 118ml Vanilla Extract

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Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste 118ml

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste 118ml

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Baking Ingredients

Fancy yourself the next star baker? Or maybe you’ve never mixed a bowl of cake batter in your life? No matter your credentials in the kitchen, your culinary success will partly come down to the items you choose to cook with.

Whether you want to delve into the delicious world of breadmaking or simply perfect your favourite sponge cake, let us introduce you to our brilliant range of baking ingredients. Forget trekking to your local supermarket or bakery for all your bread needs, biscuit cravings and pastry fixes. Creating mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats in your own kitchen has never been easier thanks to our high-quality ingredients from some of the best baking brands.

From basic things like flour and yeast to tantalising additions for traybakes, cupcakes and everything in between, get ready to fill up your pantry with our selection of quality baking supplies.

Breadmaking heroes

Few things are dreamier than the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. To achieve that in your own home, all you need is a great recipe and the right ingredients. We stock a huge range of bread mixes and other items that’ll soon have you whipping up soft and fluffy rolls or fantastically risen loaves.

As well as traditional bread flour that’s handily multi-purpose, you’ll also spot options for more speciality types of bread. Why not have a go at making tasty sourdough? Complete newbies to the craft might prefer our easy-peasy bread mixes which require you to simply add water and oil. You’ll then mix up your dough, pour it into a prepared loaf tin, pop it in the oven and voila! Scrumptious homemade bread for all your breakfast, sandwich and snacking needs.

Fantastic flavourings

Zesty lemon, creamy vanilla, nutty almond – the list of fabulous flavourings goes on and on! It couldn’t be easier to add a flavour kick to your favourite cakes, muffins and cookies with a few drops of extract or essence.

Want something a little more aromatic? Rose water is the ideal companion for meringues or Middle Eastern-inspired desserts. You could also infuse your sponges with some rich vanilla bean paste courtesy of well-known baking brand Nielsen-Massey.

Fall in love with chocolate all over again

Who doesn’t like digging into a slice of rich chocolate cake? It’s a universally loved flavour and one that can be added to all kinds of bakes and in all manner of ways.

Cooking chocolate – whether in block form or drops – is perfect for melting over a Bain Marie and adding to ganache or icing. Or why not drizzle some melted chocolate over traybakes and biscuits? You could also have a go at making your own truffles or some exquisite edible cake decorations.

From yummy milk chocolate to intensely rich extra dark chocolate, you’ll find all kinds of tempting chocolate baking supplies at Lakeland. We’ve even got vegan cooking chocolate for any plant-based eaters.

It’s not just flour and flavourings that make a bake. Need some brand-new baking equipment to help take your creations from failures to showstoppers? Check out our range of baking accessories to find everything from baking utensils to handy gadgets.