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Often it’s the simplest things in life that bring great joy and create lifelong memories. Can you remember making your first cake? Have you felt the warm feeling of satisfaction as a friend exclaims 'yum!' after tucking into one of your home-made cupcakes? We understand the power of baking, which is why we have selected and developed what we, and our loyal customers, regard as the finest selection of high quality bakeware on the market.

Whatever you plan to bake, whether it’s a standard loaf for tea, a Victoria sponge for the weekend or a stunning 3-tier showstopper for a very special occasion, we have a cake tin that’s the right shape, size and material. If you’re looking to kit out a shiny new kitchen, or simply upgrade an old set of tins and trays, our bakeware sets are perfect for any size of home.

For years the humble tin saw little innovation, but recently it’s been revolutionised. There may be holes all over a Perfobake tin, but they’re there for a reason – to help increase airflow and turn out a crispy bake with a perfect finish. And it’s not just cake tin design that’s evolved either; it’s the material used. Silicone bakeware has taken the baking world by storm, and thanks to the even baking, rapid cooling and incredible non-stick properties it offers, has become almost as popular as traditional ‘tins’.