Lékué Silicone Bread Maker

Lékué Silicone Bread Maker

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6 Lékué Silicone Bagel Moulds

6 Lékué Silicone Bagel Moulds

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Lékué Silicone Mini Baguettes Mould

Lékué Silicone Mini Baguettes Mould

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Silicone bakeware

There's no doubt silicone bakeware helps us get even more creative in the kitchen. From fun shaped cakes and biscuits to mini loaf trays, silicone cake moulds are a fuss-free way of perfecting our best bakes. But of course, it’s not just cakes they help us create: silicone cookware can help with rustling up everything from waffles to quiches, turning out beautiful results time after time.

Whether you're crafting a box of luxury chocolates or want to impress at your next bake sale with rows of identical cakes, silicone baking trays are ideal for ease, precision and detail. The types, shapes and moulds of our silicone bakeware mean you can create tarts, baguettes, Madeleines… and the list goes on! See what’s instore (and online) by browsing our silicone cookware collection.

Bite-sized bakes

Nothing adds fun to a birthday party like cake pops. Bite-sized bits of cake covered in icing and decorated in a range of designs, cake pops and cakesicles are trendy treats for kids and adults alike, and they’re also great for gifting. We’ve got a wide range of silicone cake tins to choose from, so you can create all manner of different shapes, from spheres and egg-shaped cake pops to traditional ice lolly-shaped popsicles, courtesy of our silicone cake moulds. Just add one of our decorating sticks for a fun, easy-to-eat result.


Chocolate cups, domes, stars, hearts… we’ll take them all. Create tempting treats in chocolate with our silicone cookware - we’ve got chocolate box shapes moulds that cover all the classics in six different designs and make up to 24 chocolates per tray. Made from flexible, easy-release, non-stick silicone, our chocolate moulds are dishwasher safe for complete convenience. But what about bars? Not to worry, we can help - and our chocolate bar moulds handily double up as silicone waffle moulds in a pinch. We’ve even got Easter egg moulds and silicone pudding moulds for making chocolate bowls - now all you need to think about is how to fill them.

Flavour to savour

Many of our versatile silicone baking trays are designed with sweet treats in mind but there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun when you’re baking up a savoury selection, too. You’ll find silicone bakeware just for bread, bagels and baguettes in our wide range, as well as silicone baking trays to make the cutest canapes. Browse what’s on offer and you’ll find fun pigs in blankets moulds and shark bite baking trays, too, perfect for filling with Scotch pancake batter and cocktail sausages.

Set for success

Complete your silicone cookware collection with our range of silicone utensil sets to make mixing, folding and flipping as flexible, non-stick and heat resistant as the cooking. Whether you’ve invested in a silicone biscuit mould or cookware for savoury creations, our silicone utensil sets can take the pain out of prep and scrape every last bit of batter from the bowl. Switch to silicone bakeware and cookware to turn out mouthwatering results every time, without any of your creation sticking to the tray.