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Cooling Rack Duo

Cooling Rack Duo

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Roll-Up Cooling Rack – Blue

Roll-Up Cooling Rack – Blue

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3-Tier Cooling Rack

3-Tier Cooling Rack

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Cooling Racks, Baking Tins & Bakeware

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, you’ll know that the first thing to do with cakes, cookies and muffins when they come out of the oven is to pop them on a cooling rack.

The best way to ensure your baked goodies cool down evenly and slowly, a cooling tray or rack is an essential part of your bakeware collection, alongside your baking tins and traditional baking equipment. Available in so many different sizes and designs, you’ll find the right cake cooling rack online right here at Lakeland.

Why use a baking cooling rack?

Cooling racks are actually more important than you might think. Yes, they’re a great spot to place your cakes after they come out of the oven to cool but it’s even better than that.

A baking rack is slightly raised off the surface you’ve rested it on. And due to the wire design, it allows air to flow freely around the oven-fresh baked goods. Avoiding sitting them directly on a hard surface stops condensation and moisture from mounting up and creating a soggy cake. A cooking rack for baking helps to keep your sponge light, fluffy and delicious. They can also be used as a safe place to rest your baking sheets and trays as they come straight out of the hot oven. You can shop online for a wide variety of options at Lakeland.

Types of baking cooling racks

There are plenty of options when it comes to baking racks and the latest Lakeland collection has so many on offer. You’ll find traditional slightly raised racks alongside higher racks, which are great if you plan to spend some time decorating your cake while it’s still standing on the rack.

If you tend to bake lots of goodies at once, try one of our tiered racks with plenty of space for extra cupcakes. We even have a folding rack that’s great for more compact kitchen storage.

Baking tins

You can’t create your masterpiece cake without the perfect cake tin. In our bakeware collection, you’ll find all the cake tins you need to pair with your cooling tray.

So, whether you’re making a traditional Victoria sponge cake or a rich and delicious carrot cake – or any other cake for that matter! – you’ll be able to find the right tin to bake it in, in a range of size options. You’ll also find muffin trays and loaf tins at Lakeland for all types of baking.

Don’t forget your ingredients

Once you’ve found your bakeware essentials, the shopping gets really fun and you can move on to baking ingredients.

And we’ve got all your essentials at Lakeland, from cake and cookie mix to icing and sprinkles. You’ll find everything you need to create delicious cakes and baked goodies and get creative in your kitchen.

Now that you’re all stocked with baking tins, cooling trays and all your ingredients, you might have some inspiration on what to bake… If so, head to our recipes to get some new ideas. Your family and guests will thank you for it!