Baker & Salt 2lb Non-Stick Loaf Tin

Baker & Salt 2lb Non-Stick Loaf Tin

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Cake bake trays and tins

Preparation is only one half of the baking equation. Once you’ve created the perfect mix for a light, fluffy sponge or a moist fruit cake, it’s down to the baking to bring out the best results. We’re here to help at every stage of the process, not only with baking utensils and ingredients, but with cake bake trays and tins in different shapes and sizes - all made to the same unbeatable standard of quality we’re known for.

So, if you’re looking for 6-inch cake tins, 8-inch cake tins, rectangle cake tins or some standard cake baking tins, we’ve got everything you could possibly want to perfect your bakes.

What to look for in a cake tin

When you’re choosing a cake tin or tray, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, think about the kind of cakes you want to create: sponges? Dense fruit cake? Cupcakes - or maybe banana bread? The shape and size of your planned bakes will narrow down your choice and then it’s up to you to choose cake bake trays and cake baking tins that will turn out the best results. Durability, safety, and reliable results are key, so look out for good reviews and guarantees if you want maximum peace of mind that you’re picking out quality bakeware.

Standard cake baking tins

Every budding baker needs a cake tin or two, and we’ve got dozens to choose from in our vast and varied range of baking tins. Our cake bake trays and cake baking tins are designed for durability and performance, with a professional non-stick coating and some even have handles for safer baking. Rustle up a classic Victoria sponge, a rainbow cake or even a multi-tier wedding cake with the confidence that our top-quality bakeware will return reliable results again and again.

Cake bake trays

Traybakes are the perfect choice for kids’ parties. Mix up a sponge, bake it, decorate with frosting and sprinkles then serve directly from the tin - it’s an easy, less-mess win. Our cake bake trays cook evenly and, with helpful handles, are safe and simple to lift in and out of the oven. They’re also ideal for baking gooey brownies and make it extra easy to portion out your sweet treats into identical squares with the handy guidelines marked along each edge.

Mini cake baking tins

From mini sandwich tins and muffin trays to cake bake trays for little loaves, we’ve got all the baking equipment you could possibly need to create the cutest cakes. Whether you want to whip up a batch of six muffins or a tray of 24 bite-sized morsels, you’ll find plenty of choice in our wide range of mini cake tins and trays - including mini flan tins and small spring-clip tins that are ideal for individual celebration cakes.

Novelty cake tins

When it’s time to create an extra-special cake, look no further than our novelty cake bake trays and tins. We’ve got everything from fluted cake rings and braided Bundt tins to dinosaur cake moulds and cake pop kits - perfect for getting little ones interested in baking. Get as creative as you dare in the kitchen - you’ll find all the accessories you need to prepare, bake and decorate the cakes of your dreams online and in store.

There will be no dreaded soggy bottoms with our fantastic range of baking tins. Choose from 6-inch cake tins, 8-inch cake tins, rectangle cake tins, novelty tins and those cake baking tins you’ll use time and time again. We can almost smell the delicious aroma of cake already. Happy baking!