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Lakeland Traybake Tin

Lakeland Traybake Tin

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Lakeland Brownie Traybake Tin

Lakeland Brownie Traybake Tin

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Lakeland Brownie Tin

Lakeland Brownie Tin

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10 Foil Tray Bake Baking Trays 32 x 19cm

10 Foil Tray Bake Baking Trays 32 x 19cm

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Traybake tins

Millionaire shortbread, carrot cake, banoffee, flapjacks, the delicious things you can create with a traybake tin are endless. We think baking is one of the most fun hobbies around, and a great way to show off your creativity to lucky family and friends. And at Lakeland, all our traybake cake tins are built to last, no matter if you’re already a star baker or just starting out on your baking journey.

Did someone say brownies?

Whatever cake recipes are in your repertoire, or whatever cakes you’re thinking about making as you start to get into the art of baking, surely chocolate brownies are counted among them. A natural favourite for kids and adults alike, they’re easier to make and even easier to portion out. With a Lakeland brownie traybake tin, you’ve got the perfect purpose designed tin to turn that chocolatey goodness into chocolatey greatness.

Thanks to their non stick coating, removing the cake from the tin once it’s baked couldn’t be easier. And with clear portion guides marked on the sides of the tin, you can perfectly portion 20 brownies for lunch boxes, picnics or just as a treat for guests, ensuring nobody gets stuck with the small corner piece. Want to try making brownies with a twist? Take a look at our recipe for baking. Trust us, they’re delicious.

Don’t forget, brownies aren’t the only square-shaped cake out there. Whether you’re making a fruit cake or a wedding cake, you’ll find a wide selection of sandwich tins and rectangular baking tins right here.

Baking without the scrubbing

There’s no question about it, baking is undeniably good fun. But the clean up mission afterwards isn’t. In fact, it’s been known to put off even the most dedicated home bakers in the past. Why not cut the least fun stage of the baking process entirely with foil trays instead?

Foil baking trays are great for big batch baking without the big batch washing up after. Plus, once you’re done baking that light, fluffy masterpiece, you can take the tray to that party, picnic or coffee morning without having to move it into another tin or food container. And when every last crumb is finished, it doesn’t have to go in the bin either. They’re reusable and fully recyclable. Just remember to give it a rinse and a wipe before adding it to your recycling bin. Easy.

Baking tins in all shapes and sizes

Using the right tool for the right job is the key to success. And that’s as true for baking as it is for anything. If you want to avoid Mary’s disappointed shake of the head as she inspects your soggy bottom, you’ll need to find the perfect size baking tins for your baking projects. You’ll find those at Lakeland.

Whatever you’re baking, we’ve got the tin for you. We’ve got top-quality cake pans, muffin and cupcake tins, tins for bread, and tins for making flans, quiches and tarts. With more than 50 pieces available, the sky’s the limit at Lakeland when it comes to our baking equipment.