Cake Tins

You’ve put care, love and attention into making the perfect mix, now it’s time for the baking. Trust us – we understand the importance of this critical stage, and that’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to develop a range of cake tins and baking trays for every size, shape and style of bake. Our deep rectangular traybake tins are perfect for gooey brownies, while the hemisphere cake tins offer an abundance of creative cake opportunities. But one of our bestselling tins is the 23cm PushPan loose-based cake tin, partly because it’s the perfect size for so many things but it’s also watertight, leakproof and so non-stick it will release perfect results with ease.

Once your cake has emerged from the oven comes that nerve-racking moment of releasing it from the tin. If you line your tin with our popular parchment or baking liners, you’ll never have to worry about that moment again, as bakes will turn out cleanly, leaving nothing behind. After cooling your cake on a rack, it’s time to get it decorated, admired and, most importantly, eaten!

For years cake tins were made entirely of metal, but now silicone is almost as popular. Offering even baking, rapid cooling and fantastic non-stick properties, it’s been taking the baking world by storm. The flexibility of silicone bakeware also lends itself perfectly to many intricate cake moulds from dinosaurs perfect for a prehistoric tea party to floral cakes and miniature madeleines. The big question – what’s next? Watch this space…