Circulon Ultimum 4 Hole Yorkshire Pudding Tin

Circulon Ultimum 4 Hole Yorkshire Pudding Tin

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Circulon Ultimum Large Oven Tray

Circulon Ultimum Large Oven Tray

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Find the best baking trays at Lakeland

Not all baking trays are created equal. Flaking trays, food that sticks to the surface and uneven cooking are all baking tray troubles we’d like to avoid, whether we’re heating up tonight’s tea or baking a batch of sourdough. 

Like you, we know that the best baking trays are made with quality materials and guaranteed to last - and we’ve got a whole range of them here at Lakeland. From standard and single portion trays to baking tray sets, crispers and deep roasting tins, you won’t need to look any further for ovenware that covers all of your cooking needs. 

What to look for in a baking tray

Choosing the right baking tray is vital if you want even baking and effortless release. It’s tempting to pick up cut-price baking trays but consider the quality of the product before you part with your cash - you could be replacing the tray before the year is out. It pays to be selective when choosing the best baking trays for your needs. Quality bakeware products can last for years with the right care; did we mention we offer a 3-year guarantee on our baking trays?

Size (and shape) matters

There are different sizes, shapes and depths of baking trays to choose from, so it’s a good idea to make sure you know the dimensions of your oven before buying trays and tins, just to make sure they’ll fit. Deeper trays are ideal for oily items that you’ll need to turn, but flat baking sheets are better for anything that needs to glide off easily, like meringue, cookies and pizza. A baking tray set is perfect if you want versatile bakeware in a range of sizes you can use for different dishes, or to cater for smaller or larger portions as needed.

Safety first 

Look for a strong frame and a tray that doesn’t bend and bow when you’re choosing your next baking tray set. A solid tray is sturdier to hold in your hands than something thin and lightweight - even better if it has handles (don’t forget the oven gloves). It’s worth bearing in mind that food can bounce about on bendy trays (verified by our team) and the last thing anyone wants is for their carefully nurtured baked creation to make a leap for freedom during the journey from oven to cooker top.

Built-in benefits

It might look simple, and it’s meant to, but our ovenware range is intelligently made to offer a variety of built-in benefits. Crafted from heavy-duty carbon steel with a professional non-stick coating, our baking trays are durable and designed to make baking effortless. We’ve incorporated improvements like fill lines and made sure that pieces of the same shape stack, so you can save precious space in cupboards and drawers. Our range of individual baking trays and baking tray sets are dishwasher safe too - we’ve even left the edges of our bakeware unrolled to remove the risk of water traps and rusting.