Baking Trays and Sheets

Choosing the right baking tray is vital if you want even baking and effortless release. Lakeland stock a fantastic range of baking sheets and trays perfect for all your baking and cooking needs.

When you're choosing a baking tray there are a number of features that may be beneficial. If you want to put your tray in the dishwasher, consider one without rolled edges. This removes the risk of water being trapped, leading to rusting, and means the baking tray will be completely dishwasher safe. A quality non-stick costing ensures your goodies will slide out of the tray easily and consider the durability of the tray itself. Even our silicone oven tray has a strong frame for extra support. Another handy feature is if the tray has handles making it easier to take the tray in and out of the oven.

Whether you want a flat cookie sheet, a baking stone, multi-purpose oven tray or specialist baking tray view our range here.