Christmas cocktails and drinks

Have the drinks trolley stocked up, the cocktail mixer at the ready and the stash of mugs to go: it’s Christmas time. So whether you plan on snuggling up with the family or playing host for the evening, we can help with seasonal drinks and nibbles for all occasions.

Gin and cocktail making is sure to keep your Christmas festive and why not try your hand at beer brewing or make it the perfect gift for someone else. If steering clear of the booze, we have luxurious Christmas hot chocolate and other winter warmers, for enjoying with Christmas movies or popping in stockings and gift hampers. And to settle woolly heads, try our soothing herb-infused teas and vintage English breakfast tins.

Is it really Christmas without the treats? Stock up on preserves, chutneys and sauces to give away and serve with buffets, left-overs and the endless lazy breakfasts. Our cakes, biscuits and puddings make perfect gifts and larder backups for unexpected guests, while chocolates and sweets will keep everyone happy. Here’s to a merry and peaceful gourmet Christmas!