Christmas Chocolates and Sweets

There is no better time of year than Christmas to treat yourself or a loved one to sweet treats like luxury chocolate, divine marzipan, fabulous fudge or Australian liquorice. Our fantastic confectionery collection is perfect whatever the occasion and includes everything from novelty chocolates such as chocolate coins for kids stocking fillers to luxurious, hand finished chocolates by famous chocolatiers including Charbonnel et Walker and Visser, perfect for chocolate gifts.

If you know a lover of fizz- or spirit-flavoured treats then we have a selection of decadent alcohol-infused sweets and chocolates that will tick all the boxes… From prosecco gummies, and gin and tonic chocolate, to classic chocolate liqueurs, they make great after dinner treats or chocolate gifts.

One of our customers’ Christmas favourites year after year is Niederegger marzipan. With a higher almond content than most other brands it retains the true taste and colour of the premium Mediterranean almonds used to make it – enveloped in chocolate it really does make a decadent Christmas treat that is almost too good to gift!

Whether you want a sweet stocking filler, a small box of chocolates, a marzipan hamper or a grown up alternative to traditional gummies, view our great chocolates and sweets collection here.