Christmas Games

Is Christmas complete without a game or two? Definitely not!

There’s nothing like getting the family together for some quality time at Christmas, with plenty of laughs thrown in the mix too. Whether you like the classic Christmas games, love party games or can’t get enough of Christmas trivia, you’ve come to the right place.

At Lakeland, our Christmas fun and games range is packed with some of the best Christmas games to entertain guests of all ages. More often than not it causes the traditional, over-competitive stand-off – who was mouthing the words at charades? And who said the answer first? - but it’s all part of the fun.

Browse our Christmas games collection and discover the best family Christmas games, Christmas cracker games and Christmas trivia. With all these Christmas games you know it will be a festive season to remember.

Find the perfect Christmas party games

So, what’s the best way to entertain your family at Christmas and make sure no one is bored? We really can’t get enough of Christmas party games.

Party games enable everyone to interact, be a bit silly and have a laugh. So detach them from their screens and get them joining in with our family games.

Or are you looking for Christmas games for kids during the long holidays? The festive season isn’t just about Christmas day and there are plenty of long days to keep the kids entertained before the celebrations really begin.

At this time of year the dining table becomes a hotspot and our table games include twists on classics as well as ultra-imaginative new ideas. And as well as Christmas games to keep the fun flowing, we have magical table decorations, beautiful linens, Christmas crackers and gifts to complete the scene.

Family fun

Looking for a unique and fun activity to stave off the lull on Christmas day or to reignite the party on Boxing Day? At Lakeland, you’ll find all you need to bring the family fun. We’re talking Christmas cracker games for before or after the Christmas meal. We’ve got family Christmas games that will encourage everyone to join in (even those moody teenagers and reluctant relatives). You’ll find party games and Christmas trivia to keep the festive fun going right until the small hours on Christmas Day. You can even break these fun Christmas games out again on New Year’s Eve if you want to.

As well as our fantastic range of fun Christmas games, don’t forget to check out our Christmas shop to get your house ready for the celebrations and to find the perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest. We’ve got Christmas gifts for her, him, couples and much more.