Christmas Games

Is Christmas complete without a game or two? Definitely not - and we’ve found some of the best fun Christmas games to entertain guests of all ages. More often than not it causes the traditional, over-competitive stand-off – who was mouthing the words at charades? And who said the answer first? - but it’s all part of the fun.

How do you entertain your family? Party games causes everyone to interact, be a bit silly and have a laugh. So detach them from their screens and get them joining in with our family games. Our famous chocolate-based Choco-Bluff will go down well (or not…), try out an at-home escape room trial or one of our buzzer games. Looking for Christmas games for kids in the long holidays? Get them to dress themselves - or the pets - with our sparkly selfie accessories, become a junior spy or go into board game combat.

At this time of year the dining table becomes a hotspot and our table games include twists on classics as well as ultra-imaginative new ideas. And as well as Christmas games to keep the fun flowing, we have magical table decorations, beautiful linens, christmas crackers and gifts to complete the scene.