Christmas Candles and Holders

The warmth and ambience given to a room by candle light truly sets the scene for any festive evening, even more so if you choose Christmas-scented candles to bring the scent of fresh pines or warming Winter spices into your home. Make your festive candles look even more special this winter with our range of Christmas candle holders. Our stylish collection will not only look fabulous in your home but, as many of the candle holders are gift boxed they also make a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

If you want to nestle candles right into foliage, or you're worried about little finger straying too near flames, then choose our super-safe LED candles and tealights that look like the real thing - even down to a flickering flame - and eliminate the worry and the risk.

The final flourish as Christmas draws near is an Advent Candle so you can count down the days and build the excitement bit by bit as Christmas Day draws closer. And why not stock up on our bumper packs of tealights? Offering superb value they'll enable you to create real atmosphere in any room of your home.