Christmas Advent and Nativity Sets

Tradition is at the heart of Christmas. It brings a sense of history and ritual to our Christmas celebrations, and it’s a big part of what makes this time of year so special.

There are the overall traditions of the season, like Christmas trees and advent calendars, but there are those unique and personal traditions that emerge in each family – where you hang your stockings and what fillers go into them, what you leave out for Santa, how early you’re allowed to open the presents under the tree. Household traditions personalise Christmas and bring families closer together.

We love tradition at Lakeland, and nowhere shows it more than our 2022 advent calendars and Christmas nativity sets collection. Advent calendars are one of the most popular Christmas traditions around the world and we’ve curated a wonderful range of quality advent calendars to choose from. With our nativity scene sets you can celebrate and pay homage to the nativity story that lies at the core of our Christmas celebrations.

Countdown to Christmas!

Advent means ‘coming’ in Latin and is the name given to the four weeks many Christians spend preparing for the anniversary of Christ’s birth. Whilst there are a whole host of advent traditions, by far the most commonly practiced is the opening of advent calendars. Advent calendars were first made by Lutherans in Germany around 1900, but the practice quickly caught on and advent calendars have since spread around the world.

Christmas holds an almost unbearable level of excitement for children (and plenty of us as adults too!). We’ve got cherished memories of popping open the next door in our advent calendars each morning, knowing that each door brought us ever closer to the delight of Christmas day and all those presents.

With our 2022 advent calendars, you can bring that wonderful sense of anticipation to your home. Our calendars range from traditional to modern and innovative. You’ll find delicious chocolate advent calendars, calendars with playful Plasticine models, even personalised fill-your-own advent calendars.

Nativity sets for your home

Christmas is about a whole host of things. It’s about family and friends, about showing our love for each other with Christmas gifts , and about indulging in glorious food and drink. But for a lot of us, the essence of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and reflecting on our religious and spiritual beliefs.

Creating a nativity scene in your home is a long-standing tradition around the world and a perfect way to praise and revere the meaning of Christmas. You’ll find a selection of superb Christmas nativity sets available at Lakeland, such as our beautifully crafted nativity scene made from olive tree wood grown in Bethlehem itself - it makes a stunning focal piece to your festivities.

The tradition of light

Bringing light into the home at the darkest time of the year is another longstanding Christmas tradition practiced around the world. Light brings relief from the dark and adds a wonderful ambiance to your home, especially during those winter evenings and freezing nights.

Create instant atmosphere with our Christmas candles including traditional advent style candles, ready for burning down one level a day as you count down to Christmas. To add more light alongside those advent candles, our Christmas shop has lights and decorations of all styles and specs.

Embrace tradition and celebrate Christmas in your family’s own unique way with our nativity scenes, advent candles and advent calendars for 2022.