Wilton: Cake Decorating Made Simple

Established in 1929 by Dewey McKinley Wilton, and his passion for confectionary art, Wilton specialise in accessories which make even the most elaborate of showstoppers easy for everyone.

Having run a series of increasingly successful classes on the art of cake decorating, Wilton began production of their expanding product line in 1959. The 'Tuk-n-Ruffle', their first product, is a lacy, ruffled trim that is put around the base of the cake to make it appear decorated even before icing decorations are added. This attention to making professional looking decorations accessible for everyone remains at the heart of Wilton's ethos, and they have put all their knowledge, passion and ideas into creating a range of products which help novices and master decorators alike.

Today Wilton's product line includes everything from innovative multi-layer cake pan sets, to turntables and food colouring. Through their products, and unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cake art, Wilton continue to inspire professional-looking creations in home baking. Whether it's a vibrant batch of multi-coloured, sprinkle-covered cake-pops, a box of icing-topped cupcakes for the school bake sale, or an exquisite three-tiered wedding cake, Wilton's range of cake tins, food colourings and accessories ensure your bakes will stand out for all the right reasons.