About Wesco

Originally founded as a plumbers workshop by Martin Westermann in 1867, Wesco as we now know it was established in 1917, and has gone on to become synonymous with vibrancy and style.

Specialising in metal kitchen and homeware, Wesco's distinctive line of products includes bread bins, kettles, and kitchen bins. Coming in a range of colours, from bright shades of lime green and electric red, to more classic shades of almond and white, Wesco's products all demonstrate an iconic, retro Americana vibe which is sure to command attention in any kitchen. Wesco's products have been deemed so quintessential of American style that their bread bins have even been sold in New York's Museum of Modern Art.

However, Wesco's products don't just look good, they are also known for their durability. Their products combine the excellence of German quality with hi-tech functionality. Using the latest modern technology, the finest materials available, and decades of experience in craftsmanship, Wesco's home and kitchenware offers guaranteed longevity. Made from powder-coated or galvanized sheet-steel and stainless steel, each of Wesco's products, from their paper roll holders to their large pedal bins are resistant from rust, and with their timeless style are sure to stand the test of time.

Through the combination of iconic style, traditional craftsmanship, and quality materials, Wesco's range of products will be bringing retro Americana panache to kitchens and homes for years to come.