About Umbra

Simple, stylish and incredibly useful, Umbra's range of home and kitchen solutions are sure to make your life that little bit easier. Established in Toronto in 1979, Umbra is named after the Latin word for ‘shade’ and they specialise in innovative, brilliantly intelligent and modern designed solutions for all around the home.

Combining their modern designs with functionality, Umbra's storage solutions ensure your clothes, accessories, toiletries or washing up essentials are always close to hand when they’re needed. Not just stylish and functional, Umbra's ever-expanding catalogue of products remain affordable, ensuring you can reap the benefits of their design nous without having to break the bank.

Generally sticking to a simple colour scheme, Umbra's range of storage solutions slip seamlessly into any modern or contemporary setting, whether it's the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Quietly yet efficiently going about their business, these products will make your life that little bit easier in ways you never knew you needed.