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Typhoon 39cm Paella Pan

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About Typhoon Kitchenware

Originally founded on the idea of bringing Asian products to a British market, Typhoon have established a reputation for producing a wide-range of good-looking, well-built, design-led kitchenware at affordable prices. Having scoured the fashion capitals of the world, Typhoon have curated a catalogue of products which demonstrates their commitment to design, quality, and affordability.

The Typhoon range of products now includes everything from vintage-inspired bread bins and weighing scales to storage solutions and chargrillers. Their eye-catching products are sure to draw the attention of any guests you may have round. However, staying true to their philosophy of providing well designed products without needing to break the bank, Typhoon’s range, whether it’s their vintage canisters or more modern electric weighing scales, has the look and quality of something much more expensive.

Their products are not just good-looking, they're functional too. Their range of chargrills and paella pan make cooking exotic food from Spain, Asia and beyond fun and easy, while their vintage-inspired kitchen storage solutions combine a retro appearance with modern innovations to ensure food is stored securely and kept fresh as long as possible.

Whether you're cooking, baking or storing, Typhoon's catalogue of products not only ensure that the job is done efficiently, but that you do it in style, too.