Thermos Ice Packs for Coolers and Cool Bags - Pack of 2

Thermos Ice Packs for Coolers and Cool Bags - Pack of 2

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Thermos Super Light Direct Drink Flask Black 470ml

Thermos Super Light Direct Drink Flask Black 470ml

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Thermos King Grey Small Food Flask 470ml

Thermos King Grey Small Food Flask 470ml

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Thermos  King Grey Large Flask 1.2L

Thermos King Grey Large Flask 1.2L

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Thermos Flasks & Mini Thermos Flasks

Serving up the best quality products to keep your drinks either extra hot or nice and cool, welcome to the range of Thermos flasks at Lakeland. With a great selection to choose from, discover your perfect Thermos flask for both hot and cold drinks.

Designed to help you carry your beverages with you wherever you go, you’ll find plenty of styles and sizes with options from a compact small Thermos flask up to flasks that can hold over 1L of your favourite drinks. Need a small Thermos to carry your coffee with you on the school run? Or are you looking for a cold water carrier that will last for an entire hike? Our great range of flasks has you all you need.

About Thermos

Founded in 1904, Thermos are world leaders in insulated food and drinks flasks, helping to keep you warm in winter and refreshed in summer. Synonymous with quality, Thermos carefully choose the best possible materials, to provide quality and reliable performance, and ensure your product is built to last.

Thermos' pioneering approach to insulated food and drinks containers has seen them adopt Vacuum Insulation Technology, which helps their products keep contents hot or cold. By creating an airless space between the contents and the outside, their flasks almost stop the convection process, meaning hot drinks stay hot for longer, while cold drinks remain cold. Thermos containers also have innovative opening and closing mechanisms, which, while aiding insulation, also minimise the risk of spillage and help you pour your drinks and food into a cup or bowl mess-free.

High-quality Thermos flasks

Each Thermos design is created using the innovative technology the brand is best known for. Not just functional, Thermos' products are also incredibly durable, and not to mention stylish.

Made from stainless steel, Thermos' range of drinks and food flasks are virtually unbreakable, helping them survive even the trickiest of treks in all kinds of conditions. They also feature an iconic design helping your Thermos product stand out from all other insulated flasks.

Small Thermos flasks

Small flasks can be a handy way to transport a single cup of coffee or tea or a smaller portion of your favourite drink. Why not try one of the mini Thermos flasks? Available at Lakeland in multiple styles and designs, they’re the perfect size to slip into your bag when you’re on the go.

Keeping your drinks hot for up to nine hours and cold for up to an incredible 14 hours, there’s no need to compensate when it comes to your drinks with a little help from Thermos.

Whether you are trekking up a mountain, or just picnicking in the park, a Thermos flask is your ultimate companion. Functional, durable and stylish, it will help keep you well-watered whatever activity you're doing. Pair up your flask with our range of lunch boxes and containers to make sure you’ve got everything you need no matter where you’re going.