Thermacell Halo Mini Patio Shield Mosquito and Midge Repeller Refill Large

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Thermacell Halo

Summer, a wonderful time of the year, when you can sit outside and enjoy a bit of alfresco dining and entertaining… until flying insects like midges and mosquitos come out to feast on you. The Thermacell Halo flying Insect Repeller is here to save your summer. It creates a 20m square zone of bug repellent protection, so you can enjoy a peaceful outdoor dining experience.

As standard, each Thermacell Halo comes 12 hours of protection from flying pests. So easy to use, the ‘shield’ is created by heating a small mat that’s been impregnated with insect repellent – DEET-free, it doesn’t harm the critters, it just keeps them away. Each insect repelling mat lasts for 4 hours and you get 3 in a refill pack. A small butane gas canister is the heat source (enough for up to 12 hours) and both the mats and gas canister can be quickly and easily changed to extend your protection. It’s certainly a lot easier than applying DEET bug spray every couple of hours!

We sell two different refill packs individually, but also offer a discount when you buy the Thermacell together with a Refill, or buy a Thermacell refill multipack bundle.

Only for use in the great outdoors, the Thermacell is perfect as a midge and mosquito repellent, but back inside our range of moth treatment solutions is a little more practical.